Our Mission Is Simple

Here at Coastal Bookkeeping, our mission is simple and straightforward. We are here to provide our small business customers with the premier support they deserve. We value the trust and relationships we have with each of our customers, and it’s our goal to support you with unmatched customer service, one-on-one support, and a total bookkeeping solution that allows you to rest assured that your business’s financial health is secure and up-to-date. We work to save you money, optimize your returns, and give you the tools you need to make your money work for you. By taking the stress and headaches out of bookkeeping, we free you up to focus on growing your business’s success strategies and doing all of the amazing things that you do.


Coastal Bookkeeping, LLC is a Virtual Bookkeeping Service specializing in online and remote bookkeeping services for small businesses, Independent
contractors, the self-employed and any other business that requires these services. We efficiently manage your books remotely and perform the
bookkeeping regardless of where you are located. Because our services are consistent and reliable, you will always know the financial health of your
business. We are based out of Wilmington, North Carolina but since we are virtual, we provide services anywhere in the USA. Our team consists of professional and experienced bookkeepers who are Certified in QuickBooks.



We provide additional financial reporting, planning, analysis and benchmarking.

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We help ensure business tax compliance and maximize your tax efficiency.  



Real time and up to date information of your business, ready for any audits.



We are just a phone call away and always available to help at a moments notice.

The Coastal Bookkeeping Advantage

Bookkeeping is a pain point for entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. Coastal Bookkeeping is not just a bookkeeping service, it is a perfected Bookkeeping solution for small businesses. We combine the accessibility of cloud-based software with our proven processes and dedicated account managers to bring you the simplest, most efficient and cost-effective solution. Let us show you how we can help turn your biggest pain point into your best business asset by scheduling a complimentary consultation today.

Shot of office workers in a meeting in a boardroom
Shot of office workers in a meeting in a boardroom

How Much Can Your Business Save?

By choosing to work with our certified professionals, we can actually save you money, and alot of it. Rather than paying an hourly employee, or sacrificing your valuable time, you can pay a flat rate for total bookkeeping solutions and unlimited monthly support. By switching to our services, you’ll have a dedicated professional staying on top of taxes, payroll, invoicing, and banking so that you’ll always know where your money is and how to make it work the hardest for you. And It’s not just about the monetary savings. We also save you from headaches and frustration and allow you to spend more time growing your business. 

Is it Time to Hire A Bookkeeping Service?

How do you know if it’s time to hire a Bookkeeping Service? Download our free guide that walks you through the process of evaluating if it makes sense, fiscally and logistically, to outsource your Bookkeeping, as well as what it’s like to work with us at Coastal Bookkeeping, should you decide to do so. (Plus we’ve thrown in some extra business building tips you don’t want to miss!) Grab your copy now!


We Give Back

Helping Honduras Kids (HHK) is a non-profit Christian organization that manages a Children's Home (orphanage), caring for 23+ children who have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected. We also built and operate a free private school (Jungle School) located in the impoverished mountain area outside of La
Ceiba. Over 240 students attend grades K-9th. Children receive a quality education, daily devotional, and a nutritious lunch. In addition, we provide much needed food to children and families in nearby Campesinos (peasant villages). As we receive no government funding we are in great need of sponsors who will help
support a child in our Children's Home, Jungle School, High School, or one of the remote Campesinos. HHK is a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in the USA with operations in Honduras. As such your donations may be tax deductible.

Will you consider helping?

Helping Honduras Kids is a diverse group of volunteers and sponsors united by a love of children and the desire to help them move from abject poverty to a satisfying and decent life. We're an ecumenical bunch, from all walks of life, striving to provide a loving and healthy environment to children in the La Ceiba area of the north coast of Honduras. Please consider donating.

Meet Our Founder/Owner


Sandie Gorst

Sandie Gorst is the founder and owner of Coastal Bookkeeping, LLC. She is also a member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB)

Sandie Gorst is a native New Yorker who lived in Maryland for 26 years and is now residing in Eastern North Carolina. Sandie is a graduate of Hofstra University where she earned her degree in Business Administration. Her 30 plus years of experience in the Healthcare field has given her a strong sense of devotion to helping others. In addition, Sandie enjoys mission work and is an advocate for helping children and orphans in need abroad. Sandie is married to Ryan Gorst and has 4 adult children and 1 grandson.

Putting clients first!

Understanding the needs of my clients are at the center of my motivation. My belief is that, how my services impact my clients realization of the value in the investment they are making in my company will allow for a long lasting business relationship.

Sandie Gorst, CEO & Founder

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